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8 2800

#692 The Break and the Fall

Oops! Sorry for the late posting. I actually forgot what day it was yesterday. Also, one more post (next Monday) and then I'm off for a week of hibernation.

8 thoughts on “#692 The Break and the Fall

  1. I don’t know why you’re trying to sabotage your chances with Emrys, Stephanie, but that’s the takeaway he’s likely to have from your reaction. It *seems* like you have genuine feelings for him, but you don’t communicate that well at all and, ultimately, that matters more than the actual feelings. If you can reign in the temper, you might have another shot with him.

  2. It seems like it´s official.

  3. Ok, so three possibilities could happen here:
    1. Emrys leaves and we don’t see Stephanie ever again.
    2. Emyrs leaves, we don’t see Stephanie for at least a few months, and the next time we see her she’s dating another dude-bro and exhibiting self-destructive behavior. (Bonus points if said bro turns out to be Rich.) Emyrs tries to help her but she winds up drinking herself to death or at least in the hospital.
    3. She breaks down here and now and we finally get a little bit of her backstory and the reason why she’s so hyper-possessive of Emyrs but hesitant to flat-out say that she loves him. Emyrs holds her, and she calms down and agrees to a short break.

    Based on her previous strips, option 2 seems like the most probable.

    1. Option 1 would be tbe best, IMO.

      Emrys needs to keep his spine and just dump her and tell her *why*.

      I dated a girl like Steph before. Her backstory doesn’t matter. She won’t change, and life is too short to be miserable with her.

    2. Possibly a fourth, going by the page title…

      Emrys actually strips over backwards in the next frame and breaks something, and then this relationship unfortunately drags on a little longer as he gets pulled back in to a needy codependent mesh.

      And no wonder he is tripping backwards, sure she may have a nice body, but the ugliness of her soul comes out in her face!

    3. I don’t think option one is likely to happen, mainly because Eric has already hinted that we’ll find out more about her in the future, but I suppose it’s possible. Option two sounds plausible to me, but considering Rich is conspiring to make Beth his wife (revealed when he “bought” her a drink recently), I doubt he’s going to get involved with Stephanie. The last option you present seems possible to me, but I’m starting to think a variation of it might also be possible, mainly that she does have a minor emotional breakthrough and Emrys still walks away and she spends time trying to win him back. That would certainly be one of the more dramatic ways to move forward. 😉

  4. Well, that went well.

  5. Stephanie’s words “…it’s not your perfect idea of how it’s suppose to be…” is the best part although sounding more like my ex. So glad to be out of that toxic relationship for over 30 years now.

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