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10 1937

#691 Lovers only Love you when they’re playing

10 thoughts on “#691 Lovers only Love you when they’re playing

  1. OK, both of you. Listen to what each of you are saying instead of just listening to the crying of your own broken, bleeding heart. TRY TO FIX THIS SHIT!… What am I saying? That almost never works. They will beat each other up and then split, convincing themselves that the other was wrong (like THAT matters).

  2. Did everything right this time? According to whom? Some Cosmopolitan check list of the month titled “Do it right this time and if it still doesn’t work, it’s him not you! Follow our ten easy steps to a perfect relationship.”

    Run Emrys, run from the toxic woman. Run to the one that likes you for you.

  3. Litmus test, Stephanie: if you did everything right, why are you having this conflict? Emrys is not a difficult person to talk to or reason with, which is one of the reasons you chose him, isn’t it? If you don’t want to be his “hot new girlfriend” in public, around his friends or otherwise, why dress to the nines instead of something more casual? Is it because Emrys has a group of friends, and you appear to have none to show him off to, that really bothers you?

    There are so many questions they both need to answer out loud with each other if they want to gain a better understanding, but Stephanie’s temper is getting the better of her and Emrys hasn’t helped her any by just conceding to her every whim for months. It’s time to even the scales or find a new dance partner.

  4. Bitch face – “what do I actually feel” – resignation – crying – “I’ll scratch your eyes out” counter attack. Give that ass cunt slut bitch whore Oscar 😀

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      A little harsh there, don’t you think?

      1. Perhaps a bit. I use that ACSBW that often, it lost it´s edge. I am sorry, I crossed the line. Anyway, she can change emotions so quickly, she can think about actress career.

  5. I honestly am a little sympathetic to Stephanie here. Specifically on the point of her never saying “I love you.” There could be a reason for this… I theorize that Stephanie did have a boyfriend that she said “I love you” to who died, and to harden herself she started dating guys who only wanted a physical relationship. She eventually got tired of that and wanted to try to find someone she could open up to, and she met Emyrs, who never had a girlfriend in his life. However, due to her emotional blocks, she believed that merely giving Emrys unlimited sex wold be enough to show her affection toward him, but since she hasn’t opened up about her past like Beth or any of his other friends have, Emyrs physical interest in her starts to fade to the point where he can’t even get hard for her anymore.

    In all the strips I’ve seen her, she’s never shown her vulnerable side like Beth has. Her initial reaction to Emyrs’s invitation to go to Mark’s funeral is a big hint that SOMEONE in her life that she cared about died, and the woman that Emrys met during her introduction is a facade to prevent herself from getting emotionally hurt. I do believe that Stephanie has genuinely fallen in love with Emrys but can’t bring herself to say those three words out of fear of getting hurt. Contrast her to Rich, who I’m sure said “I love you” to Beth many MANY times to manipulate Beth into doing what he wanted.

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      There is a history to Stephanie that hasn’t been shown yet, that is true. We may not be shown it for a while, too. She is flawed. Very much so. And those flaws make her very unlikable these days. But then again, break ups can be very messy and bring out the worst in people.
      I can’t confirm nor deny your theories at the moment, but you do have some good insights.

  6. Stephanie has just been declared a Superfund Site.

  7. the problem is Steph is simply to high maintenance for a guy like Emrys – – – the only real compatibility is sexual which is simply not enough to sustain a relationship

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