aaaaaaaaand scene!

Well, that was a hard one to go through. We may not have seen the last of Stephanie either (she is on the masthead, after all). Thank  you all for your comments. I know this was a hard story to get through. Break ups can bring out the worst in people.

And now with this little story line at a pause, and myself pretty beat up from work, I’ll be off for a week as I recover from the holiday madness. The next comic will be up Friday, Jan 4th (so technically a little over a week).

(and yes, I still got to get out the sketches…so late….sorry)


Okay, the comic is going to be delayed for just three more days. Many time-suck things have occurred this past week to drain myself and my time, not least of which my health. It’s all starting to slow down now but I need to start in on the comic itself including the Midnight Edition. So Both the new comic and M.E. will be out on Monday the 6th. Sorry for the delay for those checking in on Friday.

Happy New Year to you all!