10 2987

10 2987

702 Confrontation

BN Midnight Edition should be up sometime Monday.  

10 thoughts on “702 Confrontation

  1. OK, I was a little behind, but #700-#702 has been *quite* the ride. Mateo might be doing Rich a favour by holding him back, too.

  2. I would have liked it if Beth continued to have the amazing job while cutting Rich from everyone’s life…. but I can understand cutting ties completely and not giving Rich the satisfaction of knowing he was responsible for your cushy livelihood

  3. excellent!!!
    also shows what having true friends means

  4. And this is why Internet created term “lulz” 🙂

  5. Yup, Rich is a first class schmuck. Karma seems to be running over his dogma, a fit fate for a narcissist.

  6. I don’t think I can add much, if anything to what has already been said. Very nice dialogue, Eric!

    It’s great to see the crew standing together. This will go a long way toward healing old wounds for Beth, though I hope this will be the last we see of Rich and he doesn’t get any parting shots. He’s the kind to hold a grudge forever, so whatever gets him out of their lives, I hope it’s enough to convince him not to act on revenge. But who knows, maybe he’s the recurring villain in their lives that just refuses to go away. 😉

  7. Geeze, and I thought Stephanie had a crazy breakdown. Good to see the true twisted face of this slimeball. And Beth winking in acknowledgement of the karmic punishment being dealt is just awesome.

  8. I don’t like people who swear a lot. This won’t change my mind.

    1. What if I swear sophistically or in many languages? 🙂

  9. Gorbi1985, sadly, that is very rare. ;). I don’t mean to be prudish, I know that there are many reasons people do it. Some people just can’t seem to stop doing it.

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