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#703 The Martyr Complex

12 thoughts on “#703 The Martyr Complex

  1. I think my favorite part in this strip is the look on Beth’s face in the last panel. Looks like Rich has been overly dramatic a few times in his life.

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      Mine too.

  2. Rich, just STFU, git out and skip your coming next time, thank you.

    1. and keep the gitting and git out of town altogether.

      1. Ideal situation, when possible.

  3. Aha! So Rich’s problem is that he’s always felt like an outsider to the group and he’s never matured past childhood, is that it, more or less? There are a shockingly high number of “adults” who behave like this when push comes to shove (even I have had my moments, unfortunately), but it’s more excusable for someone in their 20’s than it is when they’re in the middle and senior age groups.

    Rich needs a lot of help to overcome his problems, unfortunately he’s going about it the wrong way and burning his bridges at every turn. I don’t know if he’s psychologically able to put aside his pride and apologize, to be honest about why he’s doing what he’s doing and ask for help, but it wouldn’t surprise me if all of the drugs he’s done have caused irreparable damage to his brain for things like impulse control, sociability and empathy. Perhaps his unconscious reason for wanting to marry Beth because she was the only girlfriend he had that truly cared about him and he feels that, even if he doesn’t consciously acknowledge it, but his scheming and abhorrent behavior has closed that door permanently, so it’s time for him to cut his losses. Do I think he’ll do that? Most likely not, but he’s either truly the evil scum we all think he is, or he’s just a very damaged person out of control. The only one who knows for sure is Eric, and he’ll probably show us in the coming pages what’s really going on inside Rich’s mind. Regardless of the outcome, I’m enjoying the story and hoping for a happy resolution to this arc. 🙂

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      To be honest, I didn’t dive too deeply into Rich’s motivations. I always saw him in the strip as a major protagonist and not much else. Where as Stephanie was flawed but wasn’t down right evil. But I like your assessment of him very much.

      1. I give you credit for inspiring my assessment of the character, even if he’s only a one-sided antagonist in your mind. 🙂

  4. He has a point though – it’s little self loathing to hate the seller for being a seller and want the product. As always, few people are villains in their own mind.

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      That’s right. I love giving complex reasons why someone does something. Very few things are all black and white.

  5. Rich is a classic narcissist.
    He’s deceitful, egotistical, and manipulative. He’ll do whatever the fuck he wants, but whenever anything bad happen, it’s someone else’s fault.

    He is incapable of accepting responsibility for his actions, and has no compassion or empathy for anyone but himself.

    I do hope that Jeff, Mateo, and Dave give him a massive beat down.

  6. Beth’s expression in the last panel is brilliant! 🙂

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