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6 1194

#701 Revelations

6 thoughts on “#701 Revelations

  1. Jeff killed it spectacularly, like always 😀

  2. Jeff, you are a constant source of amusement and we love you for it. 😀 Besides, if you ask me, he’s not entirely wrong, because you can at least respect the labor put into making the vile stuff, even if you don’t agree with even existing. Dealers are simply predators turning desperate people into addicts.

    The good news here is that Beth has all her freidns united behind her, and that will go a long way towards evening the odds. With luck he’ll get run out of town, but I’m sure it won’t be before taking a parting shot or two.

    1. *even if you don’t agree with -it- even existing.

      *friends, not freidns (darn typos)

    2. Let´s hope that Emrys will believe the other friends the truth about Beth and Rich. I´d say Emrys is quite reasonable, but has gone thru some heavy shit recently and hence he might need some more persuasion.

  3. Jeff could have just told Rich to go to hell. To me, “Breaking Bad” and hell are one and the same thing.

  4. Well, now the whole gang knows Rich is a lying piece of sh*t. Exceeeeept Emrys, who’s still under the assumption that Rich successfully wormed himself back into Beth’s heart.

    Someone should have a talk with that lad before he does something crazy, like jump off a bridge or (shutter) ask Stephanie to take him back.

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