7 2281

7 2281

708 Brand New Day

I'm so exhausted, I can't think of anything witty to say. Two ten-hour days of painting our bathroom and bedroom this weekend has done me in. I can't wait for the work week so I can relax.

7 thoughts on “708 Brand New Day

  1. So no rescue for Emrys from this side.

  2. aww dagnabbit

    or whatever the word is

  3. hope the guys let Emrys know whats going on before he skips town – -he needs to help his mother but he needs Beth too

  4. This is not shocking, this turn of events. More dramatic. That said, Beth is shockingly empathetic to Stephanie. I mean, maybe she doesnt deserve it after everything that’s happened? But it doesn’t make Beth’s read wrong, either.

  5. Hmm, I wonder what Beth means by, “Ummm…hypothetically speaking”. 😀

    It’s nice to see Beth happy again and Shannon not being as messed up as she usually is, or Devon is now. 😉 Maybe there’s hope for all of them.

    1. May they all (except for the dickbrain wot got the boot) survive the end of their twenties

  6. I think Devon needs a little hair of the dog that bit her. 😉

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