Okay…let’s just say this week never happened. Between building people displacing everything and EVERYONE being sick, it was a total wash-out. I’m finally feeling better now and just now working on the next comic, so let’s start it all up again this coming  Monday and we’ll pretend this week never happened.

Sorry for the unexpected break in the comic.


Oh, it’s chaos over here at the home.

Remodeling the bedroom and bathroom. Things are all over the place. My wife and I have been displaced to the living room where my computer work station is. My wife works early so as a result goes to bed early. The problem with that is now I’m no longer able to draw at night for the next week or two. I am still able to squeeze in time some of the mornings and on the weekend, but as a result I don’t think there will be a comic this coming Monday. I’ll try to get one out by next Friday though, and I think I’ll have March’s Midnight Edition done sometime next week as well. Sorry for the disruptive schedule. It should only last a week or two.

Fingers crossed.