5 2013

5 2013

#752 …Are not Easily Retrieved.

5 thoughts on “#752 …Are not Easily Retrieved.

  1. Oh YUM for a threesome?!?!

    1. Not sure that this is the time or place.

  2. Well, there goes my theory that Emrys would be there to console Shannon. It HAD to be Beth.

    I mean, I get why it’s Beth for this particular conflict, but Ghost Mark made Emrys swear to take care of her. How’s he gonna do that if he’s never around?

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      I know. But Beth and her are best friends. I also think it would be hard for Emrys to jump right in surrounded by everyone else. The time is not right, but there’s still more days on this trip. And their heart to heart will come.

      In all honesty, that one comment of Mark’s was just a reminder to tell Shannon that everyone makes mistakes…including Mark (setting up the revelation of him and JoJo) and that she should let herself off the hook. Emrys just needs to reiterate that to her at some point (and will).

  3. Good timing all around in this reveal. I feel badly for all of them, but especially JoJo and Shannon.

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