8 1854

8 1854

#751 Words Spoken in Anger…

8 thoughts on “#751 Words Spoken in Anger…

  1. Oh Shannon…

  2. 2nd panel Agonized not Agenized.

    …also it kinda looks like Emyrs is trying to casually sneak away from the fight 8n panel 1

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      Thank you. (and yes he is 🙂 )

      1. After all, he is the smartest of whole gang 🙂 And it looks like he is really master of “sneaky breeki” 😀

  3. Editing[0] is a hard-earned skill in the realm of discussion, but essential in maintaining relationships.

    [0] previewing words before speaking them to be certain that they mean and imply what they should

  4. So are we setting up the foreshadowed opportunity of Emrys and Shannon finally becoming close friends? Seems Shannon needs just as much of a shoulder to cry on as Jo.

    I’m REALLY glad we wrapped up the Beth and Emrys conflict as fast as we did before the trip started. I don’t think them glaring at each other over a misunderstanding would benefit this current conflict.

    1. Nicely said, Corey C.

  5. Emrys better watch out for bears! 😉

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