Now that I’ve had some sleep in me, I can honestly say I had so much fun at the Wizard World Comic Con. I can’t wait to do it again. I can’t wait to do another con anywhere. The people were fantastic, the cos-play costumes amazing and actually sold some stuff. (More of that all next week with a special 2 part Bohemian Nights comic)  The panel went well even though I had little to say. Thankfully Jenny Breerden of the Devil’s Panties web comic was right there to help out and keep the panel from becoming a snooze fest. Thanks also to everyone that came in to listen (I think about 15-18 people). I know… you were looking for a place to rest your feet and saw an empty room. That’s okay. I’m glad you chose ours.

I was hoping to post more pictures on the Bohemian Nights Facebook page and I’ll update this post when they’re up. Thanks also to everyone who is checking this website out due to taking a graphic post card I was slinging at anyone who even looked at the table out of the corner of their eye. I hope you enjoy it.

One final note, I’ll be posting a comic in the next couple of weeks entitled, Ask Mrs. McKrakkin, where our local granny curmudgeon takes the time to answer any questions you may have for her. Ask her anything! Life! Love! Drinking tips! Removing boils! And she’ll dispense her worldly advice on to you quicker than a bowl of Colon-Blow cereal works on your sphincter. So drop a question or two for her and she just might answer it.