Now you too can own the best damn drinking game ever!

I’m not just saying this cos I designed it from scratch and play tested it for over twenty years; this game is hands down fun! Over twenty years ago when my friends asked me to “draw up” a drinking game, I designed something very similar to this: Quest for the Great Dwarven Drinking Horn, which was a success (as far as I can remember). My second attempt was this game you see before you… Drinker’s Hell!drinker's hell A drinking game so easy to play and yet so incredibly hard to win, in the two decades I’ve been –cough-cough- “Play testing” it, only two people have ever made it to the finish line. Most of the time, people just say….no…no more…I’m done… and roll over to sleep. Now, after all these years, I’ve finally printed up the perfect version of the game and is now ready for you, the drinking game enthusiasts out there to enjoy! This game was unveiled at the Wizard World Con last weekend with raves. (and sold my first 11 boxes). It comes with an 18″x18″ full color board, 54 Drinker’s Hell cards, dice, bottle cap game pieces, rules and a Bohemian Nights bonus comic (that you see before you today) –all in a nifty burning red box. IMG_1706 (Click on a picture to see it all up close and in its glory)

I know… you’re saying, “Hell! Where can I get this game? Well, come on by to the Bohemian Store at Storenvy and grab one up right now. Supplies are limited on this first run, but I’ll be printing up a new batch VERY soon. While you’re there, feel free to buy a hip flask to go along with it…   IMG_1708