23 2430

23 2430

837 Misery Loves Company

One more week to go on the Kickstarter. And there's a good possibility I'll hit the first stretch goal of slipping in some bonus all-new comic pages. This is going to be a very hectic couple of weeks but I'm up for the challenge. At least it's all happening in the summer and not closer to the end of the year where I'd have to add holiday work crap and kids back to school in the mix. Today's comic is another experiment in zipatone shading. I'm getting the hang of the tool I'm using for the shading but I think it looks better as black and white...

23 thoughts on “837 Misery Loves Company

  1. I can see what you are saying about the shading looking better in black and white. The color adds details in some ways, but I feel like it hides other details as well.

  2. So, is Emrys gonna get laid? 🙂

    1. Edward Scissorhands

      Uh, no. She’s a hooker. They’ll get up to her room and she’ll ask him for $500.

      1. Still might be better than lot lizard.

  3. This is why they’re called “hookers.” 😉

    1. When I played DotA or now in HotS, I call “hooker” a player who can place good hooks with Pudge or Stitches respectively 😀 Or myself, when I have day.

  4. I thought it was because of General Jospeh Hooker, commander of the Union army in 1863 who was known for keeping company with “ladies of the evening”.

    1. Not exactly. “Fighting Joe” Hooker allowed wagonloads of prostitutes and their maids to accompany his army so the men would be be more ‘relaxed’ and better fighters.

  5. Dang, I really hope this gal is for real and not what the general consensus seems to be so far, because I’m not sure that would help Emrys at all. The place looks empty except for them, so why would she be hanging out there if she has no potential customers? I’ve never been to Las Vegas or met a hooker before (well, if I did I didn’t know it), so maybe I’m naive or being overly optimistic, but I’m hoping for a genuine meeting of lost souls that helps Emrys realize he’s not alone and that both of them find a little comfort in that knowledge. Whether anything else happens, I have no idea, but I think either way it will help Emrys gain a little more confidence in himself and, if she really is just feeling blue like him, maybe he’ll realize that being himself isn’t so bad after all when it comes to women.

    I like both versions of this page, the linework is really impressive in the first shot in particular, but something seems off with her face in that last panel and I’m not really sure what it is, unfortunately. Regardless of that one niggly, this page is an unexpected relief for me, because I was imaging all sorts of terrible possibilities. I know one thing for sure though, no matter how this storyline wraps up, I won’t be disappointed and brighter days are ahead. 🙂

    Hope everyone has a good weekend! 🙂

    1. I don´t think she is a hooker. She might be also lost soul, so she and Emrys might find some relief in mutual embrace. Or in one bed. With a bit of luck she could be from Portland too. Well, we´ll see, but it would be interesting if Emrys make a relationship with her and Beth lose Emrys second time.

    2. bohemiannightsthecomic

      That last panel caused me some problems and it shows. Sometimes the artwork is spot on and some times it’s as good as I can get it. Chalk it up to still growing as an illustrator.

      1. I didn’t really want to offer any criticism on your art, Eric, because you’ve definitely improved since the start of the story (especially your lighting…man some panels make me feel like I’m there), but I hope you know I only offer it with respect for your skill and a willingness to offer honest feedback if I think there’s something you might be able to improve.

        One of the reasons I enjoy your comic so much, from an art standpoint, is that you don’t limit your framing or perspective, even if you can’t “nail it”, you take on the challenge to give us the shot you want us to see to tell the story, and that takes courage and determination that a lot of other artists don’t seem to have. I’ve studied art (and gone into debt to do it) and I never really got the hang of perspective, so I appreciate your art all the more for it. You’ve already made huge strides in only the last year or two, so I am confident that you’ll only continue to get better. The important thing is you aren’t afraid to push yourself, which is the hallmark of a good artist. 🙂

        1. bohemiannightsthecomic

          I appreciate the feedback and the complements. It’s very gratifying to hear. I do like taking chances or trying new things with the artwork. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t fit, but I always enjoy opening the boundaries. (when I have the time. In fact, you can always tell when I’m pressed for time on a comic cos the artwork is more straight forward and streamlined.)

  6. 5 bucks says her dude is with Beth.

    1. TBH, I also had that idea. That would be double funny 🙂

  7. First of all I have a feeling she is for Real. Second of all, it would be interesting if the guy she’s talking about is the one with Beth. Thirdly, I swear that I hear Linda ronstadt’s long long time in the last verse is the one where she asks him to buy her drink

  8. I see her and immediately think either she’s either an escort or a full-on hustler/con woman taking advantage of a drunk and lonely Emrys. I foresee Emrys joining Dave in the “lose their shirts to a hot girl” club. Except Emrys MIGHT get the better deal because if she IS an escort at least he’ll get laid.

  9. To continue my previous post, I just don’t believe her story. I can’t imagine any woman IRL going to a place where she’ll be sure to be reminded of a lost lover. Especially the hotel room, where she may have to sleep alone in a double bed.

  10. bohemiannightsthecomic

    man, so many comments as to who or what this girl is. I think it’s safe to say she’s not a prostitute. -she wouldn’t divulge so much of her personal past if she was.

    1. Well, you’re the authority here.
      My worry was that if she’s not genuine, then she might be “tailoring” her story to be similar to Emrys’, as a way to gain sympathy.

  11. Well, I feel a bit relieved hearing that, because I’m not writing the script. Maybe I don’t understand as much as I thought but that’s OK as life is a learning experience. BTW, I don’t see anything wrong with the last panel.

    1. I think you’d be surprised what some people will share about their personal lives if there’s a sympathetic, even just a polite, person listening; this I can at least attest to personally. The one I’ve never figured out is why people talk about this sort of thing on a cell phone while on public transportation. When I used to commute to Seattle on the ferry everyday, I heard things I wish I hadn’t.

  12. Somehow I missed this comic when it originally came out, and scrollee back here when I realized I missed a strip.

    Maybe I’m just naive – impressive for 44 – but she also never read to me as a professional. If for no other reason that I figure a pro would go for a *likely* mark… and that’s not Emrys. Not in Vegas.

    Be interested in seeing how this all plays out.

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