13 2711

13 2711

#841 The Price you Pay

And I'm back. Still working on the printing end of the book.  

13 thoughts on “#841 The Price you Pay

  1. With a visit like this, the next one just has to be better! 😉

  2. Time for “Hipster Revenge” 😀

  3. Jeeze, I’ve been to strip clubs myself and every one I’ve been to put a stamp on my hand that allowed me to come in if I had to leave for a few minutes. They really are robbing the gang.

    And Dave CLEARLY has no common sense…

  4. Well, at least Dave got out alive? 😀 I suppose if you have to get fleeced, having a stripper do it is one of the better ways to go, so I’m not surprised he’s up for another trip to Vegas. Easy come, easy go, Dave. You’ve joined the impressive ranks of people who lose everything in Vegas. 🙂

  5. Sorry, this entire arc does not cut it. There is no way the city would allow this to occur and sully its reputation. Fleecing dumb tourists is one thing and is almost to be expected but outright extortion is quite another. The city and the mob make too much money off the legit scams to put up with some two-bit shakedown upstart. Any group with half a brain would have just walked out at the start and the boucer could not have stopped them. Likewise for Dave to follow the dancer into a room. This totally breaks the suspension of belief and ruins the story.

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      Alas, not everything here is set in reality. This is, after all, just a work of fiction.

      1. Yes, I know this is fiction but the story borders on reality and the closer it is to reality the more constrained the story is. Up to this point nothing has occurred that wasn’t plausible in our reality so this comes as a jarring shock. And, so far, it seems unnecessary for the plot.

        In addition, the behavior of the characters should be consistent with the development that you have given them. Do you really think that out of five normal intelligence millennials not one would balk and say, “This is BS, we’re leaving!”?

        For me, any good story is about the character development and the events and settings is just a canvas on which to grow.

  6. Finding it kind of hard to like Dave.

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      Yeah. I’ve always felt that about Dave, too. He is written to be that way.

      1. “Best brains worked hard to make him a moron.” (GlaDOS, Portal 2)

    2. Gotta be honest, Dave is the character I like the least given how he broke Shannon and Mark’s relationship, and that still has a ripple effect on Shannon since Mark can never come back to her.

  7. The writing just keeps hitting new highs. Great work! But we needed more panels of the strippers!!! LOL!

  8. I had an odd idea, if Dave does come back to Vegas and somehow has a great time, he will look like a pure genius. (!)

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