18 2190

18 2190

842 Self Improvement Sunday

The funny thing is, the title works on two levels -the sundaes they are eating...and if the time of the night is past midnight, it would fall on a Sunday. (More on the timing and days of this trip a little later.) My question to all of you has to do with the individual comic titles. Do I need them? Are they even relative? Would it just be better to have the comic number alone? Just thinking about a change when the next chapter starts. (Also, I'm sometimes having trouble coming up with titles.) As for the book, I've fixed the problem with the print files and so the pages have just been sent off to the printer. Now to catch up with the comic as well as the Patreon Midnight Edition (which should be out in a week or so). Starting a new story there with Devon and Annabel.  

18 thoughts on “842 Self Improvement Sunday

  1. Titles are fun. Maybe use a font a bit more visible?
    If the scene is just continuing from the previous page a repeated title is ok.

  2. I enjoy the titles, but what I don’t enjoy is the urls having the titles in them. It make it harder to navigate through the archives if I’m looking to binge read, and I can’t even read it all the way through because there’s a point (I think it’s on the way down in the road trip, at the house on the dunes in Oregon) that is literally impassable because there’s a missing page or broken link.

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      Thanks for telling me about that stalled spot in the archives. I’ve fixed it and it should read more smoothly.

      1. BTW, there’s a typo in panel four you may want to fix: “wnat” ==> “want”

    2. Title do nothing for me – most of the time I just skip over them without them even registering.

      However, I strongly agree with Gorbi1985 regarding titles in the URL. They are a real PITA and an impediment to back comic binge reading. A simple date or comic number is all that is needed or desired.

  3. Titles rock.

  4. OK, Jeff in gym might be funny. But as an overweight truck driver myself I say that Jeff´s obesity comlement his personality. It is hard to imagine Jeff being the same but slim. And Jeff being a chef is also interesting. It might be some carrier progress for him. Jeff can be great cook, but don´t let him name meals 😀

    Titles are always great. So I vote for keeping them. Sorry for making another work for you, Eric 🙂

    Hm, new story of AnnDevon? Sounds interesting.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdHvl-wRMQ8 And something for sundaes 🙂

    1. > It is hard to imagine Jeff being the same but slim. And Jeff being a chef is also interesting.

      Well, you know what the novelty apron says: “Never trust a skinny cook” 🙂

  5. Everyone needs a Jojo and a Jeff in their life. 🙂 I could certainly use both of them right now.

    I think your titles again great, Eric, but I’m not going to complain if you remove them, mainly because I don’t know how you’ve managed to come up with 842 unique titles already; I’d have trouble for sure! 😀 They are fun though, sort of a bonus on top of the strips. You’re a witty guy, Eric, so there’s no harm in showcasing it in 5 words or less. 😉

  6. I like the titles, but for me, they’re not essential. Eric, I hope you do as you see fit. As for Jeff and Joanna, I like to see how their relationship is developing. It would be interesting IMHO to see Jeff get into exercise as I’m doing the same myself. 🙂

    1. Heh. About a decade or so ago I discovered what turned out to be for me the ideal gym – a 1891 all Douglas fir box with sails displacing about 60 tons. Draws 42 inches with the centerboard up, doesn’t point too high, and stands up without a reef in 40 kts gusting to over 60. Races every year in a regatta for classics on the Saturday before Memorial Day and won its class five times, and I could go on. It’s given me strength in my arms and upper body while keeping the rest of me fit.

  7. Maybe make the title separate from the episode number? Is that possible? Otherwise, I’d say include a title only when it feels right. Honor the flow of the story as you see fit.
    Even fit, I don’t see Jeff getting much smaller. The idea of Jeff winning a caber toss does seem in the scope of his character.

  8. Interesting that Jojo would put an idea of being a chef in Jeff’s head. He really hasn’t mentioned cooking at all. I had to go waaaay back to the first chapter to see what his dream job was, and he said “professional video game tester.”

    I now wish we could have seen Jeff cook a little more for the gang, because this came as completely left field. Compare it with Mateo’s singing or Emrys’s art- those characteristics haven’t been explored much lately, but we’ve seen multiple strips of them doing what they’re good at. With Jeff I think there was only one strip with him and cooking, and he was BRINGING the groceries to Johanna, not actually making anything.

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      You are correct that the story hasn’t delved too much into Jeff’s cooking (other than making dinner for JoJo that one time -He brought the dinner over, but he did cook it), JoJo is just planting the seed of the idea of being a chef and Jeff is considering it. I’m just exploring the possibility of a new direction for Jeff. Most of the characters don’t know what they want to do with their lives. They will change jobs (and career motivations) quite a lot, reflecting my own experiences with myself and friends who, during our twenties, really didn’t have a clue what we were going to do with our lives.

  9. If Jeff wants to become a chef, that’s fine. And if he wants to exercise to lose weight, that’s fine too. But it might not be easy to do both at the same time. I think I would have difficulty doing that. 😉

    1. I love coking and eating, but to keep the weight off I maintain a strict limit on my carbohydrate intake, and avoid refined carbs like the plague! There’s also the inflamatory nature of carbs to consider…

    2. bohemiannightsthecomic

      Yes, that will be the challenge.

  10. Well for myself, carbs don’t seem to bother me, except sugar maybe. I do have a “sweet tooth” so I might try some artificial sweeteners. I am sure I won’t ever become a professional chef. I believe to do that successfully, anyone must have a strong desire, a passion for that occupation.

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