I am in the thick of retail hell now. Busy but manageable. I can’t tell how much I appreciate temporarily posting the comic to once a week. It is really saving my sanity. It won’t be long either before I go back to my usual scheduled of twice a week. -just a few more weeks to go.

Also scrambling to go to Emerald City Comic Con. Oh man, is that a huge convention. Four levels of show floors? Are you kidding me? Four days? It’s going to be nuts! But if you are in Seattle or in the northwest, please come by. I’m on level 6 in artist alley table EE-13…wherever that is. I’ll be there all four days with my Drinker’s Hell game and new Bohemian Nights books. Get tickets soon. Some days are already sold out.


Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. I have a lot to be thankful for and one big one is all of you. Thank you.