12 11031

12 11031

#902 Corrective Measures

12 thoughts on “#902 Corrective Measures

  1. The “doctor”, if actually qualified, needs to be struck off the register.
    GCT is abuse in the highest form!

  2. Uneducation at it´s finest 🙂

    1. It’s more like pig-headed willful ignorance by those without the courage to doubt.

  3. You go sister. Time to rip that bandaid off. It took my parents 14 years of limited to no contact before they started to accept me. It hurts, but it is SOO worth it in the long run. I say if they can not accept you they do not deserve your time.

  4. Her parents are talking to Devon as if she’s addicted to a dangerous drug. That’s completely misguided of course. “ “Conversion therapy” is nothing but a scam.

  5. Tectonic plates are shifting

  6. Lets hope Drake returns to add to the drama; and then helps out with a little magic.

    BTW, the St Claire’s (Mom & Dad) need to be added to cast page – they are both Dicks

    1. Yeah, I’ll need to do that. But I also just realized, Devon’s parents don’t have first names.
      So, like when Emrys’ mom didn’t have a name and I tossed it out to the audience to name her, (which the winning name became Geraldine), I think I’ll do the same with these two.
      So send in your names for these two and the best name that fits will become the names of these characters. (Although they will most likely just be small guest appearances in the overall strip.)

  7. @BN, I vote for “Orville” for Devon’s dad, and “Betsy” for her mom. 🙂

  8. Ted and Karen

  9. Beverly and Peter . . . a passive-aggressive reference to a friend and her husband who turned out not to be such friends after a similar exchange!

  10. I second ChrisH. Orville and Betsy quite fits. But Karen is tempting, I have to admit that 🙂

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