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7 8376

939 Out of the Bag

7 thoughts on “939 Out of the Bag

  1. Aaaand, now it’s time for a small press conference 🙂 Also, worried/upset Shan is still so beautiful.

  2. Shannon seems to have an expression of “I will hope for better than I fear.”

  3. C’mon, gang! Give the happy couple some support and some room.

  4. I really don’t understand why Shannon isn’t getting happy about this. She knows Emrys is a very nice guy. Doesn’t she want her friend Beth to have a decent significant other for a change?

    1. She’s worried that Beth will break his heart due to her past bad choices with men. They had that discussion a couple of times throughout the comic, but I think the most recent one was on the road trip when they were at Mateo’s sister’s house, by the pool.

  5. Nicely done, Eric. 🙂

  6. Devon doesn’t look too happy. I hope that Annabel will persuade her.

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