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10 8564

Shannon Dance


Hey folks. Sorry for not having the next installment to the little gathering at The Tunnel. Many things conspired to put me behind the eight ball this week. Not least of which was last weekend's Fan Expo convention. It took a lot out of me, but at the same time didn't do all that well. (but I did get to talk to a couple of fans of the comic which is always fantastic. Thank you both for coming by!) Then I had the next comic's file somehow get corrupted and unusable. (luckily it was just sketches at that point, but still...) And I'm still behind on the writing end of the comic as well, oddly enough.

So to get myself back on track, this week's comic is replaced with a nice picture of Shannon dancing at the strip club. I originally had these as blue line sketches -each separate - as just drawing studies of movement. I decided to put them together, ink and color them, and send it all out to you. I kinda like the way it turned out. 

Thank you all again for reading the comic. I really do appreciate each and every reader -even if I don't always respond to everyone's comments, I read and enjoy all of them. You guys really know the characters very well! (Which is why I don't always respond -I don't want to give away too much with my own comments.)

Thanks again, and I'll see everyone next week as we continue the revelation conversation (...with a few other plot twists thrown in). 

Oh...... and one more week and the KICKSTARTER for BOOK 2 will go live!

10 thoughts on “Shannon Dance

  1. Eric, this is PERFECTION!!!

    And don´t feel sorry. Real life happens from time to time. We all admire your work. If you need some time off, just take it.

    And big yaaaaay for Kickstarter. I am looking forward to pledge.

  2. We got your back, Eric. It’s all good. 🙂 Maybe you could add this nice pinup piece to the Kickstarter?

  3. Dude, you can always satisfy us followers with Shannon nudies!

  4. Real life always comes first. Don’t feel bad if you can’t provide a comic.

  5. Thanks everyone. I appreciate it.
    I mostly post these updates so you, the reader, will be informed. I really hate web comics where the creator keeps the readers in the dark by not posting a comic and, what’s worse, not telling the reader anything. Just being silent. (sometimes for months). I’ll always keep you posted.

  6. That’s OK. I was an avid follower of one webcomic that suddenly stopped. No updates ever again, no notes to the readers – just the same page until the address expired. You’ve been excellent at keeping us in the loop, and I’ve seen far worse. Keep on keeping on!

  7. I like the color scheme! 🙂

  8. The ones that go silent for months with no communication are a mixed bag. Sometimes they are just -that- busy because life dealt them a bad hand and it takes all of their attention, I can deal with that, but the ones that really annoy me are the ones that go silent and then post months later berating readers for not following their stupid social media account. Just saw that one one I’ve been following awhile, which, while he had a good reason for not updating (lost a loved one), he snapped at a simple comment saying it’s been 4 months, hope you’re okay, and said you’d already know why if you followed me on tumblr (something like that?). In my opinion, a webcomic is a self-contained thing, at least to a lot of readers, so if you can’t keep your site updated, just say so on the website like Eric does, it’s just plain old good business and (un)common courtesy. Why people think that social media is the end all, be all, of communication is beyond me, but frankly it’s an excuse that’s wearing thin with me.

  9. I can feel you on the lack of updates thing. I have been reading Goblins since damn near the beginning. There was a rocky road to where we are now over there, but when author finally opened up and explained everything was cool. Sometimes life just gives you a bad hand and you have to fold.

  10. I was following a webcomic which had no new strip for nine months, then recently shut down. There was then a message from the author, but I really would have liked a previous explanation or at least a little bit of apology, just out of courtesy. I really appreciate how much more polite and thoughtful Eric has been that way. It’s something I care about.

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