9 6916

9 6916

986 For the Best

9 thoughts on “986 For the Best

  1. Ah, Dear Devon. Putting that letter in your pocket instead of burning it will come back to bite you in the posterior at a later date. That is my prediction and i am sticking to it. 🙂

  2. Ok.. how many bets on that note slipping out of Devon’s pocket and Annabelle finding it when she drops something in the car?

  3. Despite this drama solved itself, I still feel “All lean forward, an excrement is about to hit a ventilator” atmosphere. (Or is it now modern term vibe? English is my second language)

  4. I agree with some of the others on this one. Since she never told Annabelle about Tori and never mentioned the kiss (no matter who initiated it) there is still a huge potential for issues down the road, since she’s obviously keeping the note. Yes, Tory and others (There are always others) make wonderful fantasy material and as such occupy a happy place with regard to masturbatory items… But anything that even hints at those fantasies crossing into the real world, without prior warning to your lover, can cause a ton of backlash! I’m sure we’ve all seen it before. I just hope all this is not leading to a horrible bit of drama that could really end up crushing two very pleasant souls…

  5. Yeah, stick that in your pocket, i’m SURE that will end well!

  6. Bohemiannightsthecomic

    In Devon’s defense, she was on her way to the store and probably wasn’t thinking about destroying the letter just yet.

    1. Oh I get it, we have all done something like this before, which is probably why were all steeling ourselves for the inevitable outcome cause we know what’s coming!

  7. the wording of the note is the worst part! if it had been written as we have seen it, with the temptation turned down, it might not be so bad, but since the note seems to describe poor innocent Tori being pursued by a panting, drooling Devon . . .

  8. She shouldn’t burn the letter, she should recycle it.

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