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5 6233

#987 Let’s Get this Party Started

Interesting Bohemian Nights creation note: 

Did you know I keep large files of clothing images for each of the characters? All the characters have their own wardrobe and so have their own style of clothing readily available. Which is also why you may see a character wear the same clothes every once in a while. 

I'll be back next week with more BN behind the scenes notes. 

5 thoughts on “#987 Let’s Get this Party Started

  1. Shannon is such bombshell here *hearts in eyes* And also she knows what it is like to live with OTR trucker 🙂

  2. Wife in another state, I betcha.

  3. I dunno, Beth, I think Shannon may actually be more interested in sobriety than partying hard. She’s sorta been burned repeatedly getting drunk or high.

  4. I think he works as a hitman

  5. Please don’t break Shannon’s neck, Beth. She’s too interesting a character. 😉

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