10 6970

10 6970

#992 Life of the Party

And for those sharp eyed readers, yes, Shannon changed her shirt. Maybe she spilled something on it...maybe she wanted to dress up more like everyone else...or maybe I just forgot what she was wearing.

10 thoughts on “#992 Life of the Party

  1. Man, what the heck did Dave take? I would say he’s on his way to overdosing.

    And damn, Katie, Dave’s gonna need a full first aid kit for that burn.

  2. XD XD XD

    (I love Czech term “Bejt na sračky”) 😀

  3. Wow! So, this is really rolling along as the ‘party’ seems to almost be death spiraling before it really got started huh? Annabelle leaving the way she did we all saw coming and naturally it’s done a number on Devon. Next we have Dave arriving and Lord only knows what he’s already on, but it’s helped him bring out is inner asshole to go along with his normal creepazoid vibe. Watching him attempt to pluck a ‘happy memory’ from the past where he would have felt he was ‘better’ than he is now. Then naturally, he starts the not so passive, aggressive attacks on all those that he perceives are doing better than he is… Which I think means pretty much the entire human race right now. And of course, the final panel is one of the all time classic cuts that seems to be oh so appropriate at the time. (probably true as well)…

    1. “It´s a huge sandwich of shit and we all have to bite.” (movie Full Metal Jacket)

    2. The only thing that could make this better is Stephanie showing up, demanding to know where her sapphire went, and a fist fight ensues between Dave and the other guys.

  4. Throughly trashed – check.
    Earlier claims of poverty to his supplier – check.
    Even more messed-up than his friends have seen – check.
    Analysis: Dave might have pawned the sapphire heart and, if you’ll pardon the expression, blown the proceeds…

    1. Followed by this dialog:
      BETH: By the way, Stephanie, how’s your nose?
      STEPHANIE: (confused) What do you mean? It’s fine, I guess…
      BETH: Good. (Punches Stephanie in the nose)

      1. Beth promised to break Steph’s arm if she break Emrys’ heart. (Which is yet to fulfill)

  5. I’d advise Dave that it’s OK to have a dick, but not OK to BE a dick. To think Devon stopped having sex with men because of their one-stand is silly. 😉

  6. Oops, I meant “one-night stand .” My bad.

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