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#993 Watch you Spiral Down the Drain

7 thoughts on “#993 Watch you Spiral Down the Drain

  1. Okay. Last two pages are dictionary examples of term “disaster” 🙂

    At the 4th panel Katie says “pluA”. I suppose it is a typo. Or some local youth slang.

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      Fixed! Sorry it took me so long. Thank you for catching it.

  2. Wow… And now we have even more of the obvious coming into it. Katie, calling Dave out for being… Well, exactly what he is. Obviously he’s not seeing it that way (junkies never do until it’s too late) and his ‘volatile’ state is coming through as his anger (self hatred?) comes bubbling up. Question is, will Beth carry out her threat? Or will others intervene before the sisters beat him to a greasy spot?

    As for the typo – Pretty sure that’s supposed to be “Plus” … LOL! (but then again, it is the NorthWest US, so it could be some new slang they’re using)..

  3. The truth hurts, Dave. Please, please, please take Katie’s criticism seriously and get help.

  4. Fisticuffs leading to Dave being literally thrown out of the house in 3… 2… 1…

  5. Oh no, I think the chit just hit the can. Given her personal history, Dave had better take Beth’s threat seriously. Is he too out of it to do so? I can only hope not.

  6. The image link is broken and wont load. Hope you can fix it.

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