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Dreaded Deadline Doom!

It seems this week got the best of me.

I had a week off from work and spent a couple of days camping and the rest painting my kids’ rooms.  The place is in chaos. Add to that a frustrating mix of trying to master the small problems that a website can vomit onto you, and you’ve experienced my week. I’m still trying to fix the RSS feed problem, and I’m trying to create some free swag for the upcoming Rose City Comicon all the while trying to make the best damn comic I can.

So I decided not to stress out over it today and instead catch myself up for the coming week.

But fear not, you faithful readers of Bohemia, I’ve got a few nice sketches of panels to share with you –some from upcoming posts, some from the past.

I’ll come back Monday with a new comic (one that made my wife laugh out loud when she first read it.)

As always, thank you for coming back here three days a week.

-This comic has only just begun!!!

One thought on “Dreaded Deadline Doom!

  1. this and that . . . now and then

    Good luck at Rose City Comicon . . . . . whoever the hell she is …

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