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12 3850

Guest Comic: The Humorous History of Emrys and Beth

Welcome to the special Guest post while I’m away roasting in Southern California. Today I’ve got a real treat for you. A special ‘humorous’ guest post by my old friend, Andy Macphee. The guest comic is a recap and a fun way to catch people up on the saga of Emrys and Beth. Written by myself and drawn to perfection by Mr. MacPhee, who, old time readers may recall, drew a couple of early strips way back in the day. (episodes#219 & #241). Andy’s specialty is humor and I put his talent right up there with the comic greats of Don Martin and Basil Wolverton. He has always had a unique style all his own that is simply sublime. Since last we saw his work here, he’s been getting some regular work over at inDELLable comics, turning out beautiful work such as this…. His Dunc and Loo stuff is by far some of the best stuff I’ve seen of his now or any time. These comics are really great, so feel free to grab a copy or two. All of which can be found for sale here… TALES FROM THE TOMB #1 /HOUSE OF SPADES #1/POPULAR COMICS #4/ CRACKAJACK COMICS #1 And, of course there are our Deflector comic that we collaborated on which can be purchased at the Bohemian Nights store front. (Keep in mind, if ordering from my store front, I won’t be able to ship anything out till I get back.) And by all means, please feel free to leave a comment or two. -I know he’ll be reading this. (In fact, we’ll most likely be sitting together poolside one day while I’m down there sharing a much deserved pint or two.) I’ll probably post an update or two while I’m gone to keep everyone in the loop (especially with the Kickstarter going on.) Thank you all for reading the comic and being so invested in the story and characters. Thanks for making the past eight years of this comic so amazing. You guys are the best fans ever! New comic on July 5th. See you soon.

12 thoughts on “Guest Comic: The Humorous History of Emrys and Beth

  1. With small exception of EmSteph ending it was really accurate summary 🙂

  2. That was pretty great,

  3. Great art, Andy. Love the details and faces. Hope you guest draw here again. Funny stuff.

  4. A Reader from Germany

    Made my day! Just the right thing on a “SIMA” evening 🙂

  5. Hilarious and well-drawn! 🙂

  6. For EmSteph ending panel would also fit memetic Begone THOT 😀

  7. A Reader from Germany

    Also: Don Martin for teh win! 😉

    I had to look again after reading Eric’s comment/annotation, but yeah, there is definitely something “Don Martin-ish” in your drawing style, Andy, and I love it!

    (Yes, we did have MAD Magazine in Germany, unfortunately it has been cancelled too many years ago. Teachers and parents hated it, of course.)

  8. I wouldn’t say Beth is PINING for Emrys… recent strips show that she’s confused about what she really wants. I’m kind of wanting Jeff to be in the background screaming “just f*ck already!”

    1. “She is pinning for the fjords” 😀

    2. True. Beth isn’t pining for Emrys right now. Believe it or not, I wrote this almost two months ago when it really looked like she had the hots for him.

  9. Great stuff, Andy!

  10. Thanks for the kind comments, everyone— I really enjoyed drawing this! Hope I get to do it again sometime.

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