8 2020

8 2020

Unsummoned Part 2

(On a side note, what does Drake have that he needs to have a suitcase? He doesn't wear any clothes.)

8 thoughts on “Unsummoned Part 2

  1. Top. Far right. “But… I’m Beging SUMMONED, and well… You know….”
    Probably should be “But… I’m Being SUMMONED, and well… You know….”

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      Got it. Thank you.
      Late night lettering is not always the best time to proof read.
      (But Late Night with Letterman…now that was a fine time…)

  2. He’s carrying booze, probably.

    There’s probably a joke about spirits in there somewhere, but I just spent hours trying to explain “humour” and I’m not up to making it.

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      Yes, probably filled with those tiny airplane bottles…
      And…you’re explaining humor? Do tell. 🙂

      1. New Nancy is not going over well with a generation grown comfortable just looking at Fritzi Ritz’s breasts rather than have a joke.

  3. I like how he doesn’t wear clothes, but he has a hat that seems permanently attached. 😀 And you -know- that these two have known each other awhile when he can make a comment about her ass and she doesn’t even remark on it. Granted, that’s the closest thing to a compliment you’re likely to get out of an imp (crass is probably the closest thing to ‘polite’ he can manage), but I still found it funny and in character. I don’t have to worry about anyone complimenting me on my butt though, so your mileage may vary on that opinion. 😉

    Looking forward to see where this all leads! 🙂

  4. bohemiannightsthecomic

    I’ve always liked Drake. I find he’s the perfect smart-ass side-kick. Too bad he didn’t fit into this comic. But he will be back elsewhere.

  5. …Unless Annabelle has a secret demonology hobby she hasn’t shared yet, and becomes Drake’s new summoner. Wouldn’t that be an ironic twist?

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