Two weeks to go on the Kickstarter…and I have stalled!

I’m 56% of the way there. I know I can reach 100% but I need your help. If everyone that pledged on the first one  (which didn’t make it) pledges this time around, it will be funded since I lowered the goal to just $2000. I really would love to see it happen but if it doesn’t get funded this time around, I’m not sure I got it in me for a third time any time soon. I’ve nearly completed the book itself with extra stuff like commentaries, remastered artwork in spots, never before seen bonus illustrations I drew before I even started the comic and much more. I’m working on the all new illustrations for the bookmark as well. If you are a long time reader, I know you’ll enjoy all the extras this Kickstarter has to offer. And if you’re new to the comic, this is an excellent way to dive right in. So don’t wait. Check it out!