Some days I have more time to devote to drawing the background than others. This was not one of those days.

I’m still trying to clarify my drawing style. I know it’s a bit different than a lot of other web comics out there. For instance, I use the program Coral Painter instead of Photoshop (with the exception of the lettering), and tend to paint the colors directly onto one layer and drop the inked layer on top of it. -something I think hardly anyone else does. Also my characters and drawing in general does not adhere to a very comic-like slash anime look. There are some amazing web comics out there that utilize that style with stunning results. I, on the other hand, want to do something different. And although I like the direction Bohemian Nights is going, I think I need to push myself a little further and see where my own drawing style will take me. In the weeks to come, probably sometime after the 100th post (since I generally try to maintain a ten comic lead over what gets published), I will be experimenting with the style and look of the art from time to time, trying to fine tune the exact look I am hoping for.

In short, as any creator does, I hope what I bring to the table is well received and enjoyed. Hopefully those of you who find your way to this tiny website week-in and week-out do so because you’ve discovered something you enjoy reading, if only for a few moments of your day. It’s for all of you that I do this labor of love for.


Oh, and then there’s this…

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