9 2909

9 2909

711 Starting Over

9 thoughts on “711 Starting Over

  1. With some settlement, you might stay by Beth, Emrys. Just saying.

  2. Jeff musters a surprisingly cogent argument.

  3. Jeff the Pragmatist strikes again!

    1. Yep, count on Jeff to gut to the bottom line…..

  4. Jeff, you’re the greatest, dude. 🙂

  5. “What happens to you happens to all of us.”

    Unintentionaly, but Jeff is quite right here. They all encountered Rich.

  6. I KNEW Jeff would be the one best suited to snap Emrys out of his self pity and look at the big picture. I hope he tells Emrys about Beth’s plan to expose Rich, because I think things wouldn’t look so hopeless for him if he hadn’t seen the two of them together without context.

  7. Just curious. How hard is to find a job in Oregon? Here in Czech Rep is as much jobs as are people.

  8. I expect next strip, Emrys will say to Jeff, ” Sorry, man, I gotta help my Mom.” Emrys seems to me to be the dutiful type.

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