9 2039

9 2039

#712 All Hands on Deck

I hope everyone is doing well out there. Stay healthy and don't panic! Take your mind off the situation. Read some comics. Thank you all for always coming back. Thank you all Patreons for your support as well.

9 thoughts on “#712 All Hands on Deck

  1. Nathan Detroit had nuffink on Good Old Reliable Jeff. He’s the loose cannon with a golden heart.

    [meta] I follow about 150 comics nowadaze, voting *almost* every day via my TopWebComics favorites list and reading the ones which update, and via bookmarks for those without a TWC presence.

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      Wow, that’s a lot. Good for you.
      Thanks for voting, too!

  2. I hope whole gang will persuade Emrys to stay.

    And I am a truck driver, so I am still working 🙂

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      Good for you! Stay safe.

  3. Since the gang was all there to see Beth stick it to Rich, I’m sure they’ll all convince Emrys that what he saw that night was just a set up, not the payoff of Beth getting back together with Rich.

    I’m also kind of wondering now how you’ll reintroduce Stephanie once this storyline is finished. Will she be an absolute mess or will she have hooked up with some random dude-bro in an effort to show that she’s “moved on.”

    1. My personal guess is the latter.

  4. Go, Jeff, go! 🙂 I just have a terrible suspicion that Emrys is going to leave while Jeff is away, because right now he’s depressed and likely looking to sabotage himself. The thought of “being happy” or “feeling normal” can make you angry when you’re depressed, and the only cure for it is time and support from those you love and trust.

    My bet is that Jeff is going to relay the situation to the group and Beth will figure out that he must have seen the beginning of the trap for Rich, but ultimately they’ll be too late to stop Emrys leaving. It certainly would create dramatic tension, but I don’t know if it’s the best way to tell the story. Only Eric knows that, and I trust him to keep us entertained. 🙂

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      you’ll know where I’m going with this by Monday… (hint hint)

  5. I hope Jeff doesn’t think Emrys is about to become shark bait! 😉

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