8 1907

8 1907

710 Packing it In

Aaaaand we're back. Things are beginning to settle down finally. Thanks for the well wishes and your reassuring comments. I am my own worst critic. I understand life sometimes gets in the way, but I really am a stickler to a set schedule. It comes from a conversation I had with Danielle Corsetto (creator of Girls with Slingshots) when I very first started out. She said the number one thing to keep a web comic going is POST REGULARLY. Find a schedule that works for you and stick with it. So...that's stuck with me all these years. So when something comes up and disturbs my posting...I feel guilty. (-I'm working on that.) So thank you all for reminding me that life does sometimes take a front seat. Now... back to the story.

8 thoughts on “710 Packing it In

  1. It will apparently take Jeff some time to adapt to the lack of breasts.

    1. I strongly second this. And I’d say Jeff has POV image of having sex with Steph in his head even at last panel. That may explain why his processor is so laggy 🙂 (not to mention he’s just being Jeff)

  2. I think out of all people Jeff is best suited to convince Emrys to stay, and explain that Beth knew Rich hadn’t changed and only PRETENDED to be interested to let his guard down before revealing that she knew about his bullsh*t plan.

    1. *DING* Jeff’s significant lack of filters may just be what the situation requires.

      1. Bonus points to both of you! Jeff may not seem like the ideal choice sometimes, but the great thing about him is that he always speaks his mind so you always know where he stands on any given issue.

        For those of us who are used to trying to be as tactful as possible in any given situation it might be a little bit of an adjustment (and some face-palming moments), but friends like Jeff are to be treasured. 🙂

  3. Jeff is priceless (not to be confused with “worthless”.) :)) :)) :))

  4. Don’t sweat the schedule, dude.

    1. Yep, I agree. Consistency will win you an audience over time and is appreciated, but life should always come first. As long as you communicate with your readers, you’ll find most of us to be pretty understanding. 🙂

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