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8 5864



This little excursion into the absurd was brought to you by some AI site that was able to take some finished pages of mine and convert them to a Manga style with some pretty awful and hilarious results. I just added new dialog to match the crazy results. Hope you enjoyed this quick offramp into insanity.Β 

(Now can you identify the pages that were used?)

The regular comic returns next week. Just a couple more pages till the end of the chapter...and the 1000 comic! Yikes!


  1. OK, I got amused XD

  2. ROFL! Wow, such a great re-boot! Can’t wait for the un-boot, but this was really cute for your April Fools post. Thanks for the grin and for doing all the absurdest work!

  3. Well, that’s one form of rehab…
    Funny, this is the first April Fool’s comic I’ve seen today and I’ve looked at more than a few dozen so far πŸ™

  4. Interesting..love the joke..

  5. “Look what happened to my hand! It turned into another vagina!”
    Way to take AI-generated blech and make it into art πŸ™‚

  6. Anyone ever watch “Yu-Gi-Oh Vrains?”
    Because this is exactly what Ai, the partner of the protagonist, would do if he were allowed to draw this series.

  7. I’m grateful BN isn’t usually like this! πŸ™‚

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