9 5635

9 5635

998 Karma Klean-Up

And don't forget........


9 thoughts on “998 Karma Klean-Up

  1. My word, is Stephanie doing the “growing up and acting like an adult” too?
    I guess that pretty much only leaves Dave as the one not accepting his reality.

  2. “What a disaster.” (TF2)

    https://youtube.com/shorts/gLDNfHzXUnc?si=a8ir-TH5vs7TNkvI And because karma was mentioned today 🙂

  3. Wow, Dave really hit Stephanie hard if that shading on her face is indicative of a forming black eye. I hope this was the wake-up call Steph needed to let go of her grudge against Emrys and really try to better herself. I think Beth’s little act of kindness to her romantic rival is the olive branch Steph needs to move forward and genuinely try to gain FRIENDS, not just f*ck buddies.
    I hope Jojo can get through to Annabelle to sit down with Devon and talk about what transpired between her and Tori, but it’s really hard to sympathize with Devon at the moment because she came on to Tori, and Tori lost her job because of it. Those two really need therapy. I’m just glad it was just a kiss and Devon didn’t go on to fully get Tori in bed with her.
    With Steph and Devon realizing that they royally messed up, all that leaves is Dave, who, unfortunately, isn’t admitting that he did anything wrong. I never liked Dave, but I really do hope he gets some help. Unfortunately, I think he’s burned his bridges with the main cast, but maybe a certain man in green can get through to him before it’s too late? Eh?

  4. And now the world comes back into focus for them all… The mess left in the house kind of works as a metaphor for the lives that have all come apart here in so short a period of time. First, there is Devon and Annabel, the lack of communication at the beginning of that stupid little flirtation have truly brought about the worst results possible, I felt these girls were a beautiful couple and should have a wonderful future. But there it is, a kiss, a lie here, a lie there… Which brings us to Dave. How many lies has he told them all? How many bridges can you burn and still be called ‘friend’? Dave I fear will come back to haunt all of them. Stephanie, seems to suddenly be dealing with actual reality and it seems she needs to re-acess her life (again?). It’s nice to see that everyone still cares, offers to help clean up (the amount of destruction still shocks me), the understanding from everyone about the pain around them is heartening. Now, we get to see how it will all play out…? Will Dave end up dead in a gutter somewhere? Will he go to jail? Will he get help? Does Annabel’s love over rule her anger? Does Devon find a redemption point? Will Stephanie grow and finally become the lovely women she could be, or will she simply revert to kind and be bitter and hateful again? Dang, this series of questions can go on for a long time, so I’ll end it here with hopes it will all turn out, one way or the other.

  5. yep, looks like a party!

  6. Well, it may not be a happy ending, but it is a calming interlude with hints of hope. Best of luck to all of them sorting out the mess.
    Have a good week!

  7. Sorry for the lack of response here this week. It’s been pretty busy all around. Thank you all for your comments (and humorous links). Next week should be a lot better.

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