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997 Parting Shots

Hey! What do you know! Looks Like I'll have a small booth in Artist Alley next month at the Mid Valley Comic Art Expo in Salem Oregon. It's a tiny convention but it should be fun.

If any of you are in the neighborhood, drop on by. Tickets are cheap! I'll have copies of both BOOK 1 and BOOK 2 available to buy. -with or without sketches. Plus the ol' Drinker's Hell Game.

Swing on by. I'd love to see you!


9 thoughts on “997 Parting Shots

  1. Shiitake. This is really bad. “Being young” doesn´t mean to drugged yourself to death, Dave. *facepalm*

  2. Nice working the title into an actual line of dialogue. And this page continues what we were seeing for the last few weeks. Dave is on the rollercoaster to hell and doesn’t even know it. He’s so tied up in his addictions and the need to validate himself that he’s striking out at anyone and anything. He’s already proven to be that far gone that he’s stealing from ‘friends’ to cover his habit, that will only get worse without help. But, in the end, Mateo is right, if he’s not going to let them help him, if he’s not able to see his own problems and realize some of the true symptoms of the universe that are hurting him and conversely his oldest friends. There is nothing you can do for him. Junkies will always favor their next fix, so even if you were the most loving and caring couple once, he would sell your body for parts and barely register the horror, so long as he got that drug. The only problem so far, is that they didn’t call the police and start that ball rolling. Sometimes, that sort of thing can help expose the problem, as opposed to letting it run it course, so to speak.

    1. If our Gang is not going to call cops, then Steph will definitely do. And that pendant had to be expensive af. So some years in jail are ahead of Dave.

  3. To give Dave his due, he is taking a road that will keep him from growing old.

  4. Dave refuses to grow old… yet he got dumped by an 18-year-old. He just lost all of his friends, he says he has no steady job so I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up getting evicted too. Unless a miracle happens this won’t end well.

  5. Well, the upside for Dave is that Shannon laid out a caveat, “Get help OR don’t come back.” I don’t know if he’ll remember it, but I’m going to hope it registers in his drug addled brain and eventually bubbles to the surface when he hits rock bottom. Not sure when that will be, but I hope his redemption comes before his body gives out or he crosses the wrong people.

  6. from experience the bottom line you can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped

  7. I remember at the beginning of the comic all the characters had dreams but were stuck at dead-end jobs. It seems that, while some of their dreams changed, like Jeff’s, they have made strides to set about achieving them. All except for Dave. His “live in the moment” lifestyle may have worked in his early 20s but not anymore, not when everyone around him have started to get serious about their lives. And I still think his downward spiral has to do with his guilt. I keep thinking this could’ve happened to Shannon too if Emrys hadn’t been around to help her sort out her unresolved feelings, since she was with Dave when they first met Dave’s dealer. It’s amazing the stark difference between the two of them when one actually reaches out for help and the other is refusing any help at all.

  8. Nobody can help getting older, or even old. But everyone can help becoming an old stereotype, with a closed mind and outdated beliefs. No matter what Dave thinks, he’s not responsible for Mark’s sad death. He’s got to free himself from that delusion. That may not be easy, so he’d better get some help.

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