#161 That Look

(sorry for the delay in comic today. For some reason, this didn't automatically go up at midnight like it was scheduled to...) JUST TWO MORE WEEKS TILL PORTLAND'S ROSE CITY COMIC CON!! I got a table, I got a new banner and I'll have a huge stack of Bohemian Nights introduction edition books just waiting to jump into the hands of wandering patrons. They just got shipped to me and man oh man are they slick! Compiling the first sixty-one comics in a glossy, bold colored book just waiting to give you an ocular orgasm. IMG_2340 In addition I'll be selling the widely popular Drinker's Hell game. A must for those going back to college!!IMG_1707 Still not convinced? I'll also have an assortment of extra goodies including Bohemian Nights mugs and hip flasks, 2014 cast prints, and  free promo postcards, magnets, and for the first time, original signed sketches for the low low cost of $10 a page! sketchs So come on down! September 20th and 21st at the Portland convention center! I'd love to meet you. And if you say you're a fan of Bohemian Nights, I'll draw you a quick sketch of your favorite character...for FREE! I guarantee it will be the most fun you'll have and still be sober. Save

One thought on “#161 That Look

  1. That’s how it goes; You start off with Beef Strokinov but you end up with Creamed Beef…

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