2 1788

2 1788

#197 Small Talk

It's been a fun five days of sick around the ol homestead here. The whole family's been sick and the long weekend is a blur. Still trying to recover myself. I haven't drawn in six days. Good thing I'm usually a week ahead on the strips. Next week is looking kinda ugly, though. I'll just have to see how it all pans out...

2 thoughts on “#197 Small Talk

  1. Haha aww I feel so bad for him but at the same time his ineptitude around women is hilarious.

    I think the gang should have briefed him before the mission, given him some basic tips such as:

    1) If you don’t know what to say, don’t worry, just imagine the other person has ‘Make me feel important’ written on their head.

    2) Prepare a list of fall back topics. A mix of personal stories, interesting stuff that happened in the world that week etc

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      That’s the trick. Keeping Emrys painfully shy and still be amusing.

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