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5 6956

#2! -Betcha didn’t think I’d get this far…

Editor's Note: Now digitally remastered! But if you are a new reader and are curious as to what the first two hand drawn comics looked like... comic-2013-06-24-And-So-It-Begins.jpgcomic-2013-06-26-That-New-Job-Smell.JPG This is the second and last 'inked by hand' comic done nearly a year ago. From here on out, it's the all digital inking strips, which, in my opinion, turn out better. You be the judge... Save Save

5 thoughts on “#2! -Betcha didn’t think I’d get this far…

  1. Is Mrs. McKrakkin’s son named “Phil McKrakkin?” And his buddy “Ben Dover?” I know, old joke– Excellent comic, nice job, and looking forward to comparing digital inking to traditional– bring it on!

  2. Your creativity is amazing! What a beautiful mind you have!! Keep up the fabulous work….I can’t wait for the next “episode”

  3. This seems like it’s going to be really fantastic! Im excited to read more.

  4. bohemiannightsthecomic

    Thank you all for your warm comments and wonderful support.
    The best is yet to come.

  5. Aw, the old version wasn’t that bad.

    (But yes, the new version is clearly better.)

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