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#875 Message in a Bottle

Final Update:

Okay, folks. I think I have it up and  running for all devices. Sorry for the delay. Other stuff going on here at home at the same time delayed me a bit, too. Still working on a few extra site extras but at least you should see the comic now. (and please let me know if you are still unable to see it.) I’m going to leave up this comic till Friday then I’ll move on to the next comic just in case some people haven’t seen it yet.

Overall, it’s a cleaner web design with some extras I like. (Like you’re able to go directly to chapters, found in the tab to the top right of the comic.)

Thank you all for your patience. It’s been arduous but I’m hoping that it’s all fixed for the time being.

23 12381

875 Message in a Bottle

Update- Monday Jan. 31:

Okay, the fix is coming. Hang tight for another day or two and all will be up and running for PC readers.

I'll leave last Friday's comic up for the rest of the week and put up the new one starting this Friday. By then I should have all the parts of the website running smoothly.

Thanks for everyone's patience in this process. I wasn't expecting to have to tackle this just yet, but in the end it should be cleaner and smoother running.


2nd Update:

okay, this is weird. I can see the comics if I use my phone or ipad.... but not on the computer (?)  I don't know what's wrong or how to fix that yet, but if you need the latest comic, I suggest you read it on you phone. Hopefully it will show up there. 

Still working....



Okay folks, here's where I stand.

Comic press doesn't seem to be working for me too well. It hasn't been updated in years and with the latest Wordpress update things went haywire. So I'm revamping the website. The main problem I'm having seems to be I can't get any of the comic pages to display and I just don't know why. They are in my media folder and I can see the artwork on the back end when I click on the posts but for some reason they are just not being displayed when I visit the site. I've tried removing the pages, and reloading them. I've tried removing the whole post and re posting but none of that seems to work. I'm checking the permalinks but they seem intact too.

I'm exhausted. My brain hurts. I'm trying to get some help but it may take a while.

In other words, the comic may be down for a few days to a week. Sorry for the interruption. Believe me, I hate it too, but it doesn't look like it's going to get resolved in a day...or two. I'm hoping in a week. Maybe sooner.

Wish me luck. I'm going back into the matrix...


23 thoughts on “875 Message in a Bottle

  1. Seems to be working better now. Like the new format!!
    Ditch the characters link and leave the cast link. Also, the background for the leave a reply is too dark to read the text.

    1. FYI, still not seeing it on PC

  2. Interesting…
    I only see the comic when I open the developer tools…

  3. I can still only see the comments on PC, have not tried my phone or tablet yet.

  4. sadly nothing here on PC, can’t read on the phone would hate to see this comic disappear

  5. Still working on it, folks. This might take a week. I’ll give a more detailed update Monday. Hang tight.

  6. Probably you have a problem with your CSS media query selection. If you resize the browser window (on a PC) to a size comparable to a phone scree, you start to see the image.

    1. Thanks for the tip.
      Actually, going the size of a small tablet works.

  7. I don’t know if you’re still debugging, but I can’t see it on Vivaldi with Windows 10

  8. I should have the website up and running by tomorrow.
    (I have update notes below this comment section…I hope.)
    Hang in there. Almost done.

  9. Good comics are worth being patient for.

  10. I can see it on the iPad with Safari just fine; no joy on the MB Pro with either Safari or Firefox.

  11. Works fine for me (Firefox on Mac), although for some reason this comic is smaller than all the previous ones.
    Beth, I know you’re trying to keep things from getting awkward with Shannon but if you keep the secrecy up much longer they’re just going to get way more awkward, and soon. Like, tomorrow morning when you come home after spending the night at the “gym.” On the bright side, once you and Shan have put the weirdness behind you, “going to the gym” can be your code word for getting laid 🙂

  12. I can see again! It’s a miracle! 😀 The new layout seems pretty good and I’ll look at it in more detail later, but I’m good with whatever floats your boat, Eric. 🙂

    Anyhow, on to the important stuff! So who has the Vegas line on Jeff & JoJo interrupting Beth’s & Emrys’ fun time? Also, seriously Beth? That’s the best you can do for an excuse? You’re a terrible liar and I bet Shannon already has suspicions, I just hope for your sake that her first thought isn’t, “I’ll invite Emrys over to watch Netflix and see how he’s doing,” because you can bet she’d add two and two pretty quickl if he declined as nervously as you just didy 😉

    Even though I agree with Winged Kitsune, it’s worth being patient to see each page, I was starting to have withdrawal symptoms. 😀 😀 😀

  13. wonder if Shannon will follow her cause she is definitely suspicious

  14. OK, apart from the comic itself being smaller, now working fine on both Chrome and Avast Secure Bowser on PC.
    Win 7 and Win 10

    1. Browser

  15. It’s working for me – Mac OS, Chrome.

  16. Part 2 – comics 871 and prior are not loading at his time

    1. Bohemiannightsthecomic

      Anyone else having trouble loading these pages?

  17. BINGO, 21:48 PST OS X 12.1, M1 Airbook, Firefox 96.0.2, and it looks better here than on the tablet.

  18. OK, it works here at my computer. Head of page is a bit enlarged to my 1920*1080 resolution, but it´s just question of habit. Section “About” is black font at black background. Have to mark it with mouse to read it. Otherwise good job.

  19. Ha! Beth can’t fool Shannon one little bit.

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