Come See Me - Portland - 728x90

Most of the time, if I’m not listening to pod casts while drawing late at night, I’m listening to music and it got me to thinking. If they ever made a movie, (and I had any say on it), what would I make sure I’d put on the soundtrack. So for your amusement (or complete disregard) I’ve got Bohemian Nights top twenty songs (In no specific order) that I enjoy listening to that feels like they would be a great fit for the comic.

Bohemian Like You: Dandy Warhols (This is a given and most likely the main theme)

Wishing Well: Airborne Toxic Event

First Flash of Freedom: Tom Petty

Youth without Youth: Metric

The Stairs: Family of the Year

Cos it Already Is: Pete Yorn

Up All Night: Counting Crows

Rescue: Eve 6

Paint the Silence: South

Old Shit/New Shit: The Eels

Calabasas: Hey Marseilles

Sometime around Midnight: Airborne Toxic Event

Without a Trace: Soul Asylum

29: Gin Blossoms

You Get Me High: Tom Petty

Daylight Fading: Counting Crows

Nightswimming: REM

Stay Alive: Jose Gonzalez

Closing Time: Simisonic

Time of Your Life: Green Day

Some of these you may have heard, some not. Look em up and take a listen if you get the chance.