Thank you all who left a comment or e-mailed me. The general consensus seems to be the same as my own. The gaming story was nice, but it just doesn’t quite fit with the comic. Maybe nice once in a while as a one-off strip but not quite what this comic is about. It was nice to try something different and I like most of the artwork, but now it’s time to get back to Bohemian Basics.

With that said, today’s post is a kind of epilog to the gaming night which will slide into the next storyline come Monday.

Speaking of Monday, man oh man is next week going to be full of surprises! Both in the story and out. I got a huge announcement near the middle of the week about the future Bohemian Nights and you can help. Also…next weekend is Wizard Con here in Portland! I’ll be at table C22 so come on by and throw some food at the monkey and watch me dance!

Honestly. I’d love to meet you.