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#26 Sob Story

I just realized, I'm averaging about a hundred hits on post days. Take away the friends and family and that's like... about 75 hits from people I don't even know. To all those out there regularly reading my comic whom I never met, -thank you very much! Your patronage is greatly appreciated. And feel free to leave comments or questions. I'll answer 'em all. And now...another story from the fucked-up job files...

3 thoughts on “#26 Sob Story

  1. this and that . . . now and then

    What kind of questions should I use ?
    Can I comment the same day I submit a question ?

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      Yes, that will do, and yes, but only if you comment on your own question.

  2. Times are rough for a lot of us, with the cost of living every rising, and incomes… generally not at all. That’s a problem even for the sensible and responsible among us.

    However, there are still some people who are in a terrible position financially because they repeatedly make terrible financial decisions. They’re rarer than you’d think, but they certainly exist.

    I look after a disabled gentleman who is often struggling to buy the week’s groceries… yet he has an Amazon Alexia smartspeaker in every room of his house. It’s not that big a house; if you raise your voice even a little, all four of them respond to your call.

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