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5 891

#262 Thug Life

I'm just as surprised as you are. I didn't think Beth had it in her to turn violent.

5 thoughts on “#262 Thug Life

  1. Beth was a firecracker from Day One.

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      You’re right. She’s always been feisty. So I guess it’s not too far of a stretch to imagine her slugging someone in this situation. Good observation. I always wonder if the characters come off to the readers the same way I envision them. It’s nice to know that they do. “Firecracker” fits her well.

  2. Just as long as she belts Tony next; he’s really the one who deserves it…

    1. He deserves much worse than that!

  3. She’s working up to the nut-shot! This is going to hurt!
    Be sure to tell Em to STFU and never go near this topic, OK?

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