Welcome indeed.

It’s been a rough month or two dealing with the hacking problems to my website.

-And I fear it’s not over just yet. I’m still working on fixing the problem. Some malicious malware that has attached itself to one or more files hidden deep in the html and used as a secret back door is continuing to fuck things up. This is why I thought I was done the first time around, only to find out this past weekend that, no, I still have a problem with my site.

So let me say this now.

I’m working on fixing everything and getting it back to normal. This may still take a few weeks. If for some reason you don’t see the site up between now and then for a day or two, rest assured. I’m working on it. Bohemian Nights is still here but may have some periodic down time in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, I will try to post as close to my usual schedule as possible. Case in point…today’s strip. BAM!

What I really need is to hire someone to help manage my website who knows the ins and outs of html, WordPress and all that to be on call. This is another thing becoming a Patreon would help with. I’m not kidding. I’m desperate here.

Bohemian Patreon Banner

And finally, some good news. I have secured a table at this years Rose City Comic Con just weeks away (Sept 19-20) at the Portland convention center. I’ll be in Artist Alley at table X8. If you happen to be in the northwest that weekend, I would so love to meet you.

rosecity2015Thank you for your patience and support. It’s been a crazy couple of months here at the monkey house.