So…the comic convention went well. There was a lot of buzz for my drinking game, Drinker’s Hell and the old stock did sell out (New printing and new stock on its way. Should arrive mid October). But except one very nice fan (who just moved to Portland and recognized some of the locations because she read my comic) not too much buzz for ol Bohemian Nights. Some conventions are like that. The comic or the drinking game will usually win out over the other.

I got one more convention in town in February (Wizard World) and that’s about it. It’s about all I can afford. I hope Drinker’s Hell takes off but doing a larger print run has put me well over budget and the conventions are not cheap. In a nutshell, I’m broke. In fact I’m well in the red and have been for a while now. I’m trying desperately to keep afloat but I’m running out. If there’s any of you out there that would like to help out a struggling artist and board game creator, I wouldn’t turn down the offer. You would be my hero. Thing is, I really hate asking. I feel awful about it. I feel like some circus barker smuck yelling at the crowd to step right up and drop down their hard earned dough for a show. This comic is free and will always be free. All I’m saying is, if you would like to help out I can assure you that every cent I get goes back into the comic, whether its for webhosting, advertising, printing or conventions (or coffee: the official liquid fuel of artists everywhere) and thus, in the end, returns back to you in the form of better and more comics.

Anyway, I don’t want to beat a dead horse into the ground, (that’s what Taylor Swift is for), If you want to help, you know where to click.

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