That’s a lot of comics in two and a half years.

I must say, I really enjoy exploring these characters and discovering just what makes them tick. Yes, I have a general idea of each of them and where the story will take them, but with most things creative, some of the unfolding is organic and sometimes even I’m surprised.

Now, with that said, I think it’s time to get back to basics a little bit. I think the stories have been bogged down lately. You see, I wanted to add some family interaction to help flesh out the characters but two things happened along the way. One: it’s adding additional storylines to the ones I’m already trying to tell. I think this is a mistake. On a two comic a week posting schedule this is going to drag out existing storylines even further. –something I no longer want to do. And Two: I’m bored. These are not the stories I want to dwell on at this time in the comic. It just goes to show you, a little interaction with family goes a long way.

So I need to get back to focusing on the storylines that I’ve set in motion (namely Mark/Shannon/Dave & Emrys/Beth, as well as a general focus on the main characters as a whole. It’s hard walking the fine line between character development exposition and dramatic storylines.

There’s always going to be quick one or two comic stories dropped in from time to time in-between larger story chunks but I will try to get the ball rolling on the existing ones. The other problem is, some of these storylines are very long and involved (as in Emrys and Beth) and won’t be able to finish them in one sitting. (Otherwise we would never see any of the other characters.) So since this is an ensemble comic, the storyline focus will have to shift from character to character, but I will make an effort to limit most of the story to just the main characters.

Much like life, there may not always be a definitive resolution to the stories but I will absolutely try to keep the ongoing stories moving along.

Does that make sense? Or has my sleep deprived ramblings made everyone confused.

So what can you expect in the near future? I’ve cut the ‘home for the holidays’ storyline (starting today…) in half (to about four comics now). Most of these are done or nearly done so there’s no turning back on those.  Afterwards I have about five more comics to clear up some small plots or set up others before I launch into a huge New Years Eve storyline I’m very much looking forward to. It’s here the characters will shine and we can get back to the debaucherous basics that Bohemian Nights is known for. (Think of your best/worst party you can think of…) Many long standing plotlines will also get a big boost with this night.

I still feel like a novice when it comes to web comics. –still learning the ropes. I know there are a shit ton of comics out there, so I am grateful for each and every one of you who keep coming back each week to read this one. Thank you.

As always, feel free to vote on the Top Web Comic button and/or leave comments. I’ll always try to respond.