Ever wonder about the earlier days of the Bohemian gang? Their secret histories when they were just starting out? Well, wonder no more. Starting on Patreon I’ll be presenting “Tales of the Bohemian Knights”. The story takes place about five years prior to what the web comic shows. It’s a candid look back at most of the characters (plus a few new ones) when they were just about to leave High School and venture out on their own for the first time. The artwork is also done in a more moody, painting style (as the sample of the first page will show). Now would be a great time to become a Patreon of Bohemian Nights. For just two dollars a month you’ll get this great behind the scenes comic coming at you one to two times a month. (and larger donators will receive physical comic books as they come out and original artwork as well).

Patreon 2