Just a quick programing schedule, in one month’s time, I will be taking two weeks off. It’s my wife and I’s 20th anniversary and we’re skipping town for a much needed vacation some place tropical. -Something we’ve been saving for for quite a long time. During that time I’ll be devoting one week to showing you preview pages of my latest comic book venture, the Deflectors* #2 to be released in September. But that still gives me a week that I’m just not sure how I’m going to fill. So I’m putting out the call to any artists who wish to perhaps try their hand at a guest strip in my absences. I know this is a long shot and more than likely I’ll get no response, but if you think you’d like to try, I’ll post it. (and plug the hell out of any other venture you got going).  If interested, contact me here. If not, maybe I’ll post reprints of Howard the Duck.

(* formally the Protectors)