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7 2089

#493 Hidden Value

Just want to say hello and welcome to all the new people who found this little gem hidden in the rough and took the time to go through the archives. Thank you all, new and old readers alike. I appreciate you all. Hope you continue to enjoy the comic for years to come.

7 thoughts on “#493 Hidden Value

  1. He got his pep talk of self worth before I got mine and I’m pushing 31 without hearing it. That in itself is pretty fortunate on his end.

    1. For whatever it’s worth, you aren’t alone in that crowd. I’m over 40 and I still don’t have what either of these two do in this scene. Finding self-worth is a tricky thing, especially if you don’t have outside help, and sometimes it can be harder when you do have help. Your best bet is probably to take a page out of our host’s book and follow a dream, no matter how much work it is, because at least then you have a chance at something that makes you happy.

      Come what may, I wish you the best of luck finding your path. 🙂

      1. I’ve been following my current dream for the past four years and I’m happy about it, but still haven’t gotten a pep talk like this from people who know me well enough that their words carry a motivational weight to them. Just doing what I can now to stay happy as long as possible.

    2. bohemiannightsthecomic

      Finding one’s happiness is a life long pursuit. Just know that it is not always obtainable and when you do obtain it, it doesn’t always last. But the same can be said on the opposite end. Life is full of joy and adversity. Both make life meaningful. The object is not to avoid either but to embrace both.
      -Joy comes from the journey, not the destination.

  2. And suddenly Mark moves from ‘sad sack’ to ‘wisdom earned’ status. Good for you man, it’s been a rough ride, but you’ve earned that wisdom, and it’s something to be proud of no matter what happens from here on out. Building character sucks most of the time, but ultimately it serves you well and makes life just a little bit easier to understand.

    Very nicely done, sir. 🙂 It must have been hard putting Mark through all of that, but the payoff was huge.

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      Thank you. But it ain’t quite over for him yet…. 😉

  3. Enjoying the comic, Eric. Started at the beginning, and am trying to not blow through it all at once, so taking it one, two, or three at a time. Only complaint is the occasional misspellings, especially “masterbate”

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