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#505 The Power of Goodbye

[audio m4a="https://bohemiannightsthecomic.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/10-The-Power-of-Good-Bye.m4a"][/audio] The Power of Goodbye -Madonna

4 thoughts on “#505 The Power of Goodbye

  1. Wow. Really nice job on Shannon’s expression in panel six. I think that’s the most unhappy I’ve ever seen her, and she has good reasons for it. Even if I think Mark could be right in his analysis, I feel badly for Shannon and wish I could give her a hug and get her out of the rain. She’s not a bad person, she just needs time and help to find her path, and I’m afraid it’s going to be an even bumpier one than Mark’s. 🙁

    Say what you will about Mark’s delivery, argue over whether or not his decision is reasonable, but it’s pretty hard to deny that sometimes, for some people, the only answer is to say goodbye. I’d wager that it hurts Mark as much as Shannon, especially since he had already admitted to himself that he loves her, but he’s had more time to process his feelings and thus is further down the path to balancing himself than her. I just hope we get to see both of them happy and healthy again eventually. 🙂

  2. bohemiannightsthecomic

    Yeah, I really like that picture of Shannon too. Too bad it was followed by the next picture which I really don’t like (and struggled over for over an hour changing and re-changing it. ) I do wish my drawings were more consistent.
    Always good to get your take on the characters and also as always, your take on them is pretty accurate. Yup, Mark is doing a good job processing through his feelings. Shannon…well…she’s going to take more time, I think. (and a few more bumps in the road).

    1. Well, to be fair to yourself, you do pick a number of challenging angles to draw and that adds a lot of complexity to the composition. The only way I know how to combat that challenge is using good references, a lot of practice, and knowing your characters really well. Considering the overall improvement of your art since page 1, I’d say it is well within your abilities to get there, it’ll just take you longer because you work full-time and draw in your “spare” time. Keep going, you’ll get there! 🙂

      1. bohemiannightsthecomic

        Thank you. I like to think I’m improving as well. Some days it’s just hard with, like you said, work and family (and sleep) get in the way.

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