11 2099

11 2099

#545 Time Spent

Don't forget to send in a question or two for any of the characters. I'll in turn, make a comic having those characters answer your questions in their own fashion.  

11 thoughts on “#545 Time Spent

  1. Well, that escalated quickly.

    Or declined quickly, as the case may be.

  2. a bit possessive are we

  3. And the sideways careen into the canyon begins…

  4. Huh, not the greatest of reactions.
    I’m willing to wait for the other shoe to drop.
    I sense a troubled history.

  5. Pretty much, Emrys. Yeah, sorry, nothing is good enough to put up with that sort of attitude. I suppose it’s -possible- that she’s just too fragile to handle competition for his attention, but the cynic in me finds it rather unlikely as the sole source of her sudden sourness. 😛

    I’ll try to come up with some questions for the cast that are suitable! 😀

  6. Ehh I get it.
    She proposes open plans with her, he offers plans with her and others. And I can get when you’d not be in the mood for that.
    Her annoyed and immature reaction absolutely points to something in her past, and valid or not, nobody’s helped by being rash and communicating poorly.

    And Emrys has a lot of learning to do to pick up on the right thing to say…
    Or can just knock on the door and say he wants to spend time with all of them, her included, that would help.

    Then again most drama thrives on poor communication, so they’re good for that. Hell, that goes for most of the cast!

  7. Mmmhm.

    The penny drops.

    Obviously, there is no clear indication of how much time has passed since Emrys brought Steph to the Tunnel that first time. But from what Em says, it has been a while.

    Steph has exhibited controlling behavior before. So this isnt out of nowhere.

    The real question is: how is this actually going to be resolved. Is it merely a matter of Emrys eventually excising Steph from his life? Or is Steph going to grow?

    Hard to say.

  8. bohemiannightsthecomic

    Wow! Thank you all for the comments. The most I’ve seen in a while. I guess everyone really like the Emrys/Stephanie storyline. It’s going to take some time to tell with lots of ups and downs. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

  9. Her ex’s warning is becoming more clear- she’s a manipulating type. I wonder what would happen if Emrys treated her like this when she wants to hang out with her friends.

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      We may find out soon enough. Along with some other faults of hers.

  10. And here we go, the manipulation really begins!

    This will not end well. If Emrys is smart, he’ll blow her off entirely. Sadly, I expect at this point he lacks the experience and perspective to be smart…

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